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  3. No hidden fees or gotchas.
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Comprehensive, digital-first support for any health need

Board-Certified Doctors

Finding a great doctor is hard. Our clinical team covers multiple specialties and offers consistently higher quality care.

Available Anytime, Anywhere

Get anytime, anywhere access to our expert clinicians on your phone—no matter the health need, medical question, or chronic concern.

No Hidden Fees or Gotchas

No co-pays, deductibles, or scheduling appointments. Get care from world-class clinicians for less than the cost of an urgent care visit.

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Connect online with our team of medical experts

Our doctors are available 24/7. You can message them with urgent needs, questions, and ongoing support during a treatment plan.


Receive Comprehensive Care

From prescription renewals to medical mysteries to chronic care management, our Galileo team of doctors is available to care for your needs, whether small or large.


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Is Galileo Covered by Insurance?

We do not bill your insurance company, so there are never any copays or unexpected charges. If you need prescriptions, lab testing, or referrals we work within your insurance network to provide cost-effective options.

Does this replace my primary care doctor?

Galileo works within your your existing provider relationships. With your permission, we’ll aggregate medical records from doctors you’ve seen in the past so we have a comprehensive view of your health.